2022 Lake Mirror Classic

Judging for today’s show will be uncomplicated and a pleasurable experience.  As we evaluate your vehicle, we will consider many factors including authenticity, condition and overall presence.  If you do not want your vehicle judged, please write Do Not Judge across the judging sheet. 

Please fill in your class/car number, year, make/model, your name and cell number.  Please place the judging sheet on the windshield of your vehicle.  

We ask that the owner be present during judging. (Judging will take place between 9am – 11am)  The judges will ask the owner to open the doors, hood, trunk and glove boxes of the vehicle. Hoods should be left closed after judging.  Windows and convertible tops (if applicable) should be up for judging.

For the safety of others, please follow these rules:

  • A fire extinguisher must accompany the vehicle and be displayed.

  • Vehicles may not be held for sale during the show.

  • Engines should not be started during the show.

  • Vehicles must be stationary and remain on the show field until released for departure.

Judging will be based on these three general categories, using a point deduction method:

  • Vehicle exterior, valued at 65 points
  • Vehicle interior, valued at 25 points
  • Vehicle engine compartment, valued at 10 points 
  • PLUS: up to 3 extra points may be added for unique elegance & presence

The three areas for evaluation are as follows:


Evaluation of the car’s exterior, including:  paint, panel fit, chrome, emblems, lights, glass, tires/wheels, and undercarriage cleanliness.  


Evaluation of the car’s interior, including: seats, door panels, dashboard, carpet, headliner, console (if any), gauges, steering wheel, switches, accessories, and seat belts (if any).

Mechanical (Engine bay):

Evaluation for cleanliness & orderliness of: components, wiring, hoses/clamps & accessories.

Elegance & presence – (up to 3 extra points may be awarded)

This is a subjective award of extra points for uniqueness, historical significance, rarity, and provenance.   If there are multiple 100 point vehicle(s) in a class – this extra credit award is used as the tipping point to determine the best in class. 

Mel Mann
Chief Judge

Mel Mann is an avid collector of American “chrome” and “muscle” cars, and all eras of Corvettes. He is a past president of the South Florida AACA, having chaired over 75 car shows, including 2 national meets. The AACA national award for finest Corvette is given in his honor annually. Since 1995, Mel has served as chairman of the Memory Lane exhibit at the Miami International Auto Show and the Art Deco Weekend car festivals since 2002. Mel judges at many concours events in the USA and Canada.