Registration Details

Registration is now open.

Thank you for planning to be part of the 2022 Lake Mirror Classic,  We are excited to receive your application/registration for your vehicle(s) in this year’s event.

Most applicants will only register 1 vehicle and the process is pretty straightforward, but we recommend you complete the application/registration process on your computer or laptop.  It CAN be completed on a phone – but you’ll probably be able to complete it easier via computer – especially your Vehicle Description. 

You might want to take some time PRIOR to this process to compose your Vehicle Description – on a phone this brief essay can be difficult to enter on a tiny screen and popup keyboard. If you complete your description ahead of time, you can copy and paste the information. 

Concours d’Elegance applicants: Our Concours Selection Committee will use your Vehicle Description along with the photos you upload to make final choices for qualifying Concours vehicles.  Please be sure to include your contact information in case there is a need for any follow-up questions. 

If a vehicle is not approved this year by the Concours Selection Committee, you may choose to display your vehicle in the Lake Mirror Open Car Show throughout downtown Lakeland, or request a refund of your donation.  Please know the committee is  looking for vehicles to complete specific classes and eras of vehicles.  These will vary year to year. 


As part of your approved registration, you receive a professionally printed Display Sign to place in front of your vehicle. This sign allows you to describe unique details and vehicle provenance for the public to see.

Save And Continue 

There is a button at the bottom of the registration page that will allow you to save and complete your registration at a later time. So if you still need to snap that perfect pic you can start the process and complete it later.

Vehicle Description

Your submitted description will be edited by our staff for clarity, grammar and typos. It will then be sent back to you via e-mail for final confirmation.

Secure Payment 

Our secure payment processor assures the security of your data.  You can feel confident your personal information will not be shared with anyone, and your credit card or other payment information is secure. 

You can mail a check for payment if you are unable to complete the electronic payment process.  Please e-mail: for details with mailed payments. Remember the pre-registration process needs to be completed on or before 9/15/2022 .

I'm ready - let me register
Friday Night Hot Rod Rendezvous
$50/car on Sept 1
Saturday Concours d'Elegance
$75/car on Sept 1
Includes Car Sign
Saturday Downtown Open Car Show
$75/car on Sept 1
Includes Car Sign
Register (opens on another site)
Sunday Road Rally
SCCA Sanctioned Event
$10 Under 12, Under 6 Free
Includes Meal