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The Lake Mirror Classic brings all the grandeur of a top-level Concours to Lakeland 

See rolling works of art from some of the nation’s top auto collectors at the center piece of the 3-day Lake Mirror Classic.  

The unique setting creates a beautiful collection of sights with the best and rarest of automobile history, plus amazing race cars, rare vintage wooden boats and the fun of Amphicars all on display and in action on Lake Mirror. 

Top collectors come to Lakeland and display “literally” works of art. These vehicles are meticulously cared for and restored to near perfection…and guests can experience all this in one of the greatest venues in North America.  Everything from 100 year old vehicles to modern “Hyper-cars” will be displayed.  You will certainly find many reasons to create lasting memories, and you can be involved by voting for your favorite.  This event has the rare distinction of bringing together four generations of people from all backgrounds, and everyone has a smile!

Artists are invited to create your own works of art paintings and drawings.  You can then enter your artwork to become the official poster for next year’s Lake Mirror Concours & Car Show.  Please use the General Contact Form to contact us for more details.            

This is FREE to all spectators! 

Event supports local charities.